About Us

Petes Peat-free is a partnership built by two friends Chris and Pete. We have over 50 years experience in our relative fields of vermiculture and horticulture.

Chris has worked for 15 years in his successful family business as a worm farmer (the art of rearing worms is known as vermiculture). 5 years ago Chris became head of the company moving it forward with online sales as it's main focus and developing other areas of the business.
Pete has worked in the Horticultural industry for 40 years (hence Pete free peat). Joining the family business as a market gardener straight from school, working for 10 years as a key accounts manager in horticulture advising other growers and running his own wholesale plant nursery.

We produce and sell a peat free compost which is unlike anything else on the market. It is 100% peat free with no green waste. All the material used is from mainland UK and all is from sustainable sources. You can sow seeds, prick out seedlings, use it for vegetables, for potting,  baskets, containers etc. It is water retentive and best of all it is full of natural organic fertiliser left behind by the worms working through the compost.

Our mission was to produce a superb peat free compost for the general public. We ran trials for 2 years before we settled on a very specific formulation that the worms would like but more importantly would be excellent for plants.
The mix is transported 5 miles to the worm farm. We put 10 litres into a tray which we call grower trays. Worms are introduced to the mix and left for 8-12 weeks to work their magic. They chew through the mix turning it into a rich and fine compost full of vital nutrients. When the mix is broken down to a lovely and consistent level the worms (and any eggs laid) are extracted and moved on to their next batch, leaving behind an extremely nutritious peat free compost.