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Bulk Bag Pete's Worm MIx 900ltr

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This specially formulated mix consists of small worms and worm eggs. Purely for out door use only, this mix will bring life back to your soil and increase microbial activity.

Perfect for digging into your existing vegetable and flower beds increasing fertility and soil structure.


          This unique Compost is derived from a by-product of Vermiculture (worm farming). It has been specifically formulated by professional growers and is packed with naturally produced NPK, Macro nutrients and has excellent water retaining properties.
      • Fruit & Vegetables, raised beds and flower beds.
      • Contains natural organic fertiliser
      • 100% peat free
      • Mix with exisiting composts and soils
      • No green waste incorporated
      • 100% Organic
      • 900 litres
      • NPK - Provide all the essential nutrients required by plants
      • N - Nitrogen is responsible for vegetative growth of leaves and stems
      • P - Phosphorous is critical in root development
      • K - Potassium (potash) for healthy fruit and flowers

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